Wednesday, July 1, 2015

event with editor Agnese Kleina from BENJI KNEWMAN July 30 in Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Thursday July 30 at 18:30 we have a presentation in the store with editor Agnese Kleina from BENJI KNEWMAN. The magazine is just two issues old but is so unique that it was picked up immediately. Come find out what's behind this Riga based independent magazine and have a drink with us in the Newscentre, Spui 14, Amsterdam.

It’s a Latvian magazine based around an imaginary character who is listed as editor-at-large in the masthead, and whose editorial letter is written ‘early Saturday morning, after returning from a birthday party’. He really is an unwritten Wes Anderson character made not of flesh but of glossy paper and ink – ever-smiling, dreamy and adventurous. - Magculture

Sometimes half the fun of discovering a magazine is figuring out what on earth it’s all about. That’s definitely the case with the enigmatic Benji Knewman, a new title from Latvia that claims to be made by the eponymous Benji and fills its pages with personal reflections on people living endearingly normal lives. - Stack Magazines

“Hello, my name is Benjamin, but friends call me Benji,” begins the editor’s letter in the first edition of Benji Knewman, a new printed publication with the tagline “life that you can read.” Benji Knewman’s tone is so warm and inviting and tinged with the accent of its native Latvia that we can’t decide whether Benji’s a real life contributor (he’s listed as editor-at-large on the masthead) or a fictional construct created to lure us in. If it’s the former, we apologise for doubting you Benji, but if it’s the latter, it’s working marvellously. -
It's Nice That

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pulp de Luxe

On Thursday 25th of June we will host the launch of the 25th issue of Pulp de Luxe. A wayward mag for advanced creative thinkers.Online so far; the celebration of the 25th issue is the best reason for a printed edition. Curious? Welcome from 6pm. For early birds there's a chance for a signed piece of art by Rob Scholte; he will be there!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

interview with Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes from PLATFORM PLATVORM

Every now and then a magazine pops up with a strong concept and you wonder why nobody made it before. The Amsterdam based magazine PLATFORM PLATVORM is such a magazine and they have just launched their first issue. Artists send in their work which is published uncensored in one spread. There are no adjustments by the editorial team. We had a few questions for editors Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes. 

How did you come up with the concept of Platform Platvorm? And why did it turn into a printed magazine?

We came up with the idea because it was something we missed ourselves as artists. When we came up with the concept it felt so logical to us. And we were even surprised that it really didn’t exist yet. The main thought was to create a platform where artists could feel free to do whatever they wanted, to have carte blanche. Also we wanted to let the artists be able to spread and publish their work. We love print and we think it is a great carrier to present the works. It smells great and it is an experience to browse through a printed magazine. If you like a magazine you cherish it and keep it close, like a book, and flip through it once in a while.

You are both artists, what has your experience been with publishing in magazines?

The problem, we find, with being published in magazines is the fact that most of the time the editor changes your work, for example in size, order and design. Of course sometimes it also turns out real nice! And it’s always a positive thing to see your work being published/printed.
But these experiences also led us to make Platform Platvorm Magazine.

Which magazines inspired you? Which ones do you read?

We love Fukt magazine. It is beautifully printed and has great content! Secret Behavior is really surprising. Toilet Paper of course! And a lot more…
These magazines have a sort of free energy that we understand and get excited about.

What are your future plans for Platform Platvorm?

We have many plans for future issues, exhibitions and other Platform Platvorm related projects. We are very interested in working together with other initiatives and project spaces all around the world. We are completely open.

Would you consider asking a curator to select the work for an issue?

If you consider an artist to be a curator, yes.
Otherwise, no.

What is the best thing about making a magazine?

When you press the ‘send button’ to the printer, some time later a pallet arrives at your doorstep, you open a box, take out a copy and hold it in your hands for the first time. That’s amazing!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Inside The Industrie

This Magazine gives a voice to the people who work in the Fashion industry and offers an insight to those who want to work in it, or are just curious to read what goes on in the minds of those who shape this world of glamour and our silhouettes. Well its all hard work....

British fashion stylist, and fashion and style director at W Magazine, Edward Enninful, covers Industrie Magazine #8 with supermodel friend Naomi Campbell.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Last Friday we had a another swell edition of the live magazine Peppy Miller despite the challenging weather.... 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

PEPPY MILLER #4 vrijdag 29 mei 20:00 Spui 14

Aanstaande vrijdag 29 mei de vierde editie van ons live tijdschrift PEPPY MILLER in het Nieuwscentrum. 
Alles wat je in je lievelingstijdschrift leest gebeurt ‘ live-on-stage’. Met verhalen, muziek, culinaire wetenswaardigheden, mode, columns, gesprekken….
Bijdragen van onder andere schrijver Thomas Verbogt, verhalenmaker Ilona Verhoeven, spoken-word-dichter T. Martinus, filosoof Pieter Hoexum, ‘dedicated fashioners’ Laundry Industry en anderen.

Camille Devid (fotografie)
Ilona Verhoeven (beeldverhalen)
Pieter Hoexum (filosofie)
Laundry Industry (mode)
T. Martinus (spoken word)
Cathelijn Schilder (literatuur)
Mariette Wijne (columns)
Wim Brands (po√ęzie)
Barbara van Beukering (journalistiek)
Guus Thijssen (DJ)       
Wino Wijnen (Amsterdam by Night)

 Spui 14

rond 23:00 zal de hoofdredactrice de laatste bladzijde omslaan.

(illustrator Gijs Kast tekende vorig jaar het publiek van Peppy Miller)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

our evening with Ricarda Messner from FLANEUR

Last Wednesday we had a very nice evening with Flaneur Magazine's founder and publisher Ricarda Messner in the shop. We asked Toine Donk from Das Magazin to do a Q&A with her on the magazine's start-up, approach and the new issue that is about the Corso Vittorio Emannuele II in Rome. Ricarda talked about the literary aspects of the magazine, the way they choose streets and how they find the contributors for the issue.
It was interesting to dive into the magazine that we see as an important and distinctive title on the independent landscape. It was good to see so many magazine fans and magazine makers together. The audio of the talk was recorded - the stream is below.

This event was a collaboration with our friends at Expodium as part of their Unmaking the Netherlands year program. They have a section in the program on walking culture (Rethinking Walking Culture). In addition to the event in the shop they invited Ricarda to give a talk on flanerie and walking in cities at the beautiful Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht last Friday, together with artist and walking expert Mariska Gewald. The video's of this talk are online on the Walking Culture section of the Unmaking the Netherlands website.

We would like to thank Ricarda for coming to Amsterdam for these two events and Nikos Doulos of Expodium for the nice collaboration.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

interview with Cara Livermore from CHICKPEA

CHICKPEA is the only vegan magazine we have, since a few years it is a hit on our expanding food shelf next to BEEF! magazine, which covers the complete opposite. There's an inspired team behind this beautifully designed independent magazine that covers recipes, articles on ingredients and a healthy lifestyle. We had some questions for editor -in-chief Cara Livermore

Why did you start Chickpea? why do you publish a printed magazine?

We started as a Tumblr blog, and as our readership grew quickly, we knew we wanted more. A book is too complicated and doesn't allow for complete creative control, but blogging is too instant - a magazine not only challenged us but allowed us to include all of our talented readers as contributors. It was a way to give back and also expand the world of vegan cooking at the same time. We decided to go to print because as a traditional artist, I'm obsessed with paper quality and the physical quality of words and images. It also just feels better, personally, to get away from a screen when I'm trying to get downtime.

There are many independent food titles at the moment, which ones are your favourites and what makes a magzine succesful now?

My favorites are the ones that aren't afraid to experiment and stay unpolished, despite the "professional" competition. I like funny/playful aspects as well - I like magazines (and pretty much any media) that don't take themselves too seriously. My favorites currently are Runcible Spoon, Put A Egg On It, and Lucky Peach. As for being successful, I think a magazine today has to have a very strong point of view, both in their mission and in their visual and written tone.

What are your favourite magazines and which ones inspired you?

Everything inspires me, from the most corporate established magazines to the $1 zines we buy at craft & book fairs. My favorite magazines right now are Martha Stewart Living, Donna Hay, and the ones I mentioned up there. And a local food zine to Rochester, called Eat.

What is the best thing about editing a magazine?

I love creating and managing it all. Getting our contributors' work in my inbox is like opening presents on Christmas morning, and it lights my creative mind. What do I do next with what they sent me? From prop shopping to recipe testing and photo editing, I love it all.

What are your future plans for Chickpea?

We want to keep doing what we're doing, but be better at it and better for the people we work with. (And better for our customers too.) We don't necessarily want to be in Barnes and Noble, but we do want to strengthen our content, style, and reach. We're thinking about coming out with a few e-books, too.